Sabina Azimova

Loungewear? Loungewear! It’s a very important part of my life. Imagine walking around the house with an elegant pajama, perfectly suited for both day and night with a mug full of coffee and the softest slippers. I guarantee that this will make you feel like a true modern fairy tale princess. It doesn’t get better than that! Whether I’m wearing a romantic and seducing luxury set or a very comfy set, I always get a feeling of selfcare but most importantly a feeling of SELFLOVE. And I think every woman should have that! That’s why I started my label Sabia. I want women all around the world to feel the confidence flowing on their skin. I want them to love themselves when they look the mirror. With Sabia I’m reaching out to all the women to make them fall in love with PJ’s and loungewear like I do every day.